A guaranty granted by:

‘’CONKRET ‘’ Z.R. Trejderowscy Sp. j. with its registered office in Wielkie Rychnowo, 87-410 Kowalewo Pomorskie, registered in the register of entrepreneurs of the District Court in Toruń with a KRS No.: 0000120366, VAT No.: 8781551809, duly represented by the Company Shareholder – Zbigniew Trejderowski, hereinafter referred to as the Seller,

of the following content:

        1. The Seller shall grant to the Buyer an additional 8-year guaranty for Products sold, under terms and conditions specified in this document. To be granted guaranty rights, a receipt or a VAT invoice together with photographs or scans of labels for each of the Products must be registered at: ……………………..

        2. The systemic warranty is granted for a vapour barrier with a relevant installation kit: green tape, yellow tape, double-sided tape, and installation glue for the vapour membrane.

        3. General quality guarantee terms and conditions:

  1. The Seller shall be held responsible for a quality guarantee for physical defects reducing the use and technical value of the Products sold, and in particular, lack of the Product properties specified in the Declaration of Performance.

  2. The guarantee period shall ran from a date on which the statutory guarantee period (2 years) expires.

  3. In the guarantee period, the Seller shall be obliged to remove free of charge any notified failures and defects discovered after sale, within 30 working days of receiving a notice about failures or defects found, and in justified cases, within a different period agreed between the parties. Removal of the defects should be confirmed in a report.

  4. The quality guarantee shall not cover defects resulting from:

  1. normal wear and tear of the Products;

  2. damage for reasons attributable to the Buyer, and in particular, the use of the Products in a way contrary to the Instruction or rules for operation and use, e.g., by exposing the Products to UV radiation;

  3. mechanical damage and acts of vandalism;

  4. Force Majeure, understood as a state of war or an act of God.

        1. The Buyer shall lodge a complaint using a form available at: ……………………………………. The Buyer shall be obliged to attach a label of the defective Product to the complaint form. The complaint notification should include the following information:

  1. a precise name of the Product under complaint;

  2. a description of the complaint cause;

  3. a quantity under complaint;

  4. indication of a receipt or a VAT invoice;

  5. photographic documentation showing the problem;

  6. expectations concerning a way of solving the complaint;

  7. a label of the Product under complaint.

        1. The Seller shall be obliged to handle the complaint within … days of receiving the complete complaint notification. The Seller shall inform the Buyer about a way of handling the complaint through: ……………………………

        2. When Buyer is not informed about the way of handling the complaint within the date specified in paragraph 4, the complaint shall be deemed accepted and handled in accordance with the customer expectations indicated in the complaint notification.

        3. When the complaint is deemed accepted, within … days of the date of handling the complaint the Seller shall issue a corrective invoice or a discount for the delivery, if the Buyer agrees to it.

        4. When the Buyer lodges a complaint, they shall not be relieved from their duty to pay a full price for delivered Products. When the complaint is accepted and the Seller issues a corrective invoice after the Buyer paid the price, the amount due in the corrective invoice shall be paid within: ……………

        5. Under Article 558.1 of the Civil Code, the provisions of the Civil Code concerning a defect warranty, contained in Articles 556–575 of the Civil Code shall be excluded. The General Terms and Conditions of the Seller shall not apply to this agreement.

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